U.S. Department of Energy puts InterNACHI Energy Report video on government websites.


InterNACHI’s Energy Inspection Reporting system has become the national standard.

Wow, congrats. Nice job guys!


Just took a webinar today and pointed out this success to BPI Instructor.
Nice to see Ben on the list also as a Home Energy Professional.

Did you actually read any of the content of the site?

This is not a Government website!

Even if it was a government website, it’s not a video that means anything to the general public.

Yes I did and yes you a right! Ben deserves to be on this list that is sponsored by US DOE.

I refer you to the .gov domain extension in the link I posted.

Gov. websites don’t allow users to post their own material…

… and yes, Ben deserves the accolades for all his hard work!

I just attended Thursday evening a Webnair on 203K EEM which stated in order to get this type of loan that an energy audit would have to be performed by resnet HERS rateing no BPI rateing allowed. It appears someone is trying to corner the market

Charley I just invited you too!

Ahh where am I invited to

Check in the Junk mail and add Home Energy Pros to your safe list!

Check out the layout for Home Energy Pro’s
This is allot like InterNachi themes you can have for your website.

The Energy Efficient Mortgage and the 203K are a different FHA loan options. The REMRate program is used for the rating that goes to the lender. This software is used by HERS raters and provides the HERS score.

Yes that is correct but they can be combined

Homeenergypros uses Ning. It is an awesome platform for a social networking type of site.

Been on HEP for some time. Great site.


Nice Jason but you chose to hide your Identity! Why?