Did A home this afternoon many concerns, From lenox Pulse 14 furnace to Gas shut of an meter removed ( a first for me ) to New roof needed two years ago.
No attic entrance ,No gutters , open sewer in Basement, windows missing and many broken .
The home was lovely inside above the basement.
When I was explaining to the client about the small hidden holes I had found in the siding and how there was UFFI in the walls .
This is about 6 years since I had seen UFFI
I was explaining what was UFFI and how it had come about and the Agent
( wow what a great guy ) stepped in and said I am very sorry for my not seeing the UFFI in the walls .
I really feel we can find you a better home then this no matter that there is no big concern with UFFI it is a stigmatization with the home and will when you go and try to sell will ,cause you a lot of grief and I think we should just move on .
The client did not want the home and I was less then 1/2 way through
Paid me my $400:00 and I told him I would do the next home for 1/2 price ,
They had very little money
Happy Client
Happy agent and
Happy Home inspector
The sun seemed a little brighter on the way home today.

Roy Cooke

Actually UFFI should be taken out of the Realtors offer pages. Most Government sites including CMHC, all state that UFFI is not a concern and was over hyped.
The only time there could be a problem with UFFI is when it is still drying. Once it has hardened for several days and cured, the gases are gone.
There is more chemical coming of new carpet in one bedroom, than the UFFI in the whole house.
And of course there is the (insert panic here) Vermiculite insulation problem.
As long as it is not disturbed it is okay.
People need to be educated…not pushed into a panic.


The reason I think CMHC is saying UFFI is a non issue is because the Government paid for or subsidized the installation of UFFI.
Then they paid thousands per house to either have it removed or remediated.

They screwed up. I believe it is an issue to this day.

Excuse me for my ignorance but what is UFFI and what does it look like. I assume it is some kind of insulation.
Thanks in advance for the education.


You are not the only one that never heard of it.

Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation

had to look it up…appears it’s pretty much of a non-issue since it hasn’t been installed since 1982

You know that and I know that but if you have a home with it and no one wants to buy it , do you now not think it is some thing to be concerned about .
I saw my home go from $175,000;00 value , to see it sell for $55,000:00 in 1981.
Miss reporting it and you could find out how our justice system works.
ESSA says there is nothing wrong with aluminum wiring in Ontario but in my area no insurance company will insure it .

Another example is fire sprinkler systems in the home .
I do believe there has never been a death in a home that has a fully working sprinkler system in a home .
We lost two fire men recently with a flash fire that would not have happened if there had been sprinklers in the home .
Try and experiment phone your insurance company and tell them you are wondering about putting sprinklers in you home and how much will they lower your insurance cost .
Please report back here and let us know what you find out should be an interesting find.
Thanks Roy Cooke


Sorry guys, here is some info other files were too large to post. You can look it up on your own [Google].

I did some remediation for the government in the 80’s more specifically in 1986.
To have this material installed the cost was usually about $1500-$2000 the government would kick in a rebate of about 75% of the cost and the homeowner the balance.

Later when it was found that off-gassing was an issue the government would pay for the entire cost of removeall of UFFI or remediation.

The remediation was a simple idea. The house was sealed [interior] and a HRV [air exchanger] was installed. Much like an R-2000 home.
A few people in the business became wealthy over the next 3-4 years.

That’s why I said that our government screwed up.

Good post Roy!!

Great insulation very easy to install and it does a good job .
It looks like shaving cream when it was put in ,extremely soft and expands to fit all crevices.
As it dries it gives of formaldehyde gas for a short period of time .
It is a great insulation and seals all air leaks well.
Some people found the gas irritated them and sued who ever they could.
This immediately caused those home that had it it to sell for a huge discount.
Now it is just the left over in the Minds of people that still causes the grief.
It needed a small hole about 1/2 inch to install it .
If the home was Brick the hole could be drilled in the mortar joint and be so easy to miss ,usually there will be some chips missing from the brick corners.
Usually easier to spot on sidings as there will be a series of holes 16 inches along the siding and another set above the cross member in the wall.
These holes get patched and painted many times over the years and are very easy to miss .
If you can get the mortar out or a plug out you can get in with a very small hook and get a bit of the UFFI out .
This was slightly straw coloured and it crumbles in your hand very easily to nothing just like shaving cream would if you let it dry.



[FONT=Arial][size=2]http://www.cbc.ca/consumers/market/files/home/uffi/ [/size][/FONT]

Roy Cooke

So do you know what happens if it gets wet and then is still drying??

If it gets wet again it will off gas; or so I was told.

I tyhtink afyer a short time all the gas has left .
Hope many have learned a little bit Please do not miss the plugs in the wall .
Stay out of court .

Another good artical on UFFI http://www.carsondunlop.com/OBS/uffi.html

Roy Cooke

So you would tell the client this, would anyone have an answer, such as someone that can deffently say yes or no, or where to get an answer, thanx.

Great article Roy.

Rmember it used in that era, but never been used in my area.
The equipment must have been too expensive. Thank God for that.

Very educational information.
Thank you.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I had two homes with it in. Would it hinder me from buying another? No!

We had it and found nothing wrong with it but did loose a huge amount from the homes value when we sold.
Do you not think some people would be concerned and not want to buy the home .
It was the agent who made the call not me.9 of the record I do think it was good call more from the other concerns with the home ) But the UFFI was what made up his mind as he said the concerns from other people in the future need to be looked at.
I think I would not buy a UFFI home for that reason alone.
I just say a $800,000:00 deal fail for a small amount of asbestos in the boiler room

This to me should never have happened but the buyer is the one who must be happy .
Roy Cooke

Sure there maybe plug holes where it was installed. I have seen plugs both inside and outside. If installed from interior and patched over you may never know there was uffi installed.

A lot of UFFI was installed in existing homes as a energy upgrade for home energy efficiency under an old government program called CHIP. Canadian Home Insulation Program. When I was doing inspection work for CMHC, I encountered many poor and improper installation conditions where more insulation was better mentality and lack of ventilation actually caused lots of damage. Overall often installed by people with a poor understanding of building science.

Thanks Claude I could not remember the agency that was responsible.

Two UFFI’s walk in to a bar and the first UFFI says to the other UFFI…