Uncapped gas line?

The gas line connected to the furnace had another extension pipe that was uncapped. I think I’ve basically answered my own question but how should I make my recommendation?

Unused gas line should be sealed for safety, valve could accidently bo opened


what Alan said…


Valves fail. Line should be capped.

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Now the reality of it all…

Even though a cap is required, I’m assuming the connection is for a gas clothes dryer which was removed while moving, and it’s assumed the new owners will be connecting up to it, thus no uncapped fitting.

With that being said, yes, it would be in my report for safety reasons, but more as an informational comment ("…if new owners do not use this fitting for their dryer, blah, blah, blah…") as opposed to a “Defect” write up.



Agree with JJ on this. Informational on the safety aspect and if not going to be utilized, it should be capped. On a side note, the close proximity to the furnace may warrant capping in case of valve failure. Still don’t see it as a “defect” at this point.

And on another side note, I point out that any unused standpipes for washing machines should be capped. The water in the P Trap will eventually evaporate over a period of time.


Thanks for the help on this, much appreciated.