Uncertain how to write these up...

Performed a mock inspection today and encountered a couple of things I’m not sure how to report.

First, I was unable to read the information tag on the furnace, so no idea the specs or age. However, by appearances, it looks to be pretty old. I’m not even sure of the make. Rust on the bottom. Is it appropriate to simply state that I’m uncertain of the age, but by appearance, it’s could be reaching the end of it’s useful life?
Never mind that was dumb :neutral:
Second, the water heater. There were signs of rust, but I’m not certain the origins of the water that caused it. It obviously was installed incorrectly as there was no piping from the TP valve, and the vent collector is in pretty bad shape. It could be from a poor sweat joint, or failure within the heater itself. I’m not too sure how to report that.

Then, the AC unit is literally sitting in a bed of mulch. While I can’t cite a specific source offhand, unless I’m mistaken, it should be elevated above grade to prevent the housing from rusting away. Is it appropriate to suggest that it should be raised, and that there could be damage now from sitting in a few inches of mulch?

And then there’s the condensate pump…
I hate those things. I renovated a house that caught fire. The condensate pump was the point of origin. This one has a 20’ extension cord and about 30’ of vinyl tubing running across the floor.

2004 water heater incorrectly installed recommend immediate up grade Properly installed by a Plumber . No idea of water temp but should be 140F minim in tank and max 120 at taps

Furnace is old and very rustry not tested but An immediate upgrade is recommended .

Tired AC unit improperly installed Expect it might not work not tested . recommend budget for immediate replacement