Under cabinet puck lights

Seller is obligated to give information?

If he does not I will recommend an I recommend a Licensed Electrician examine and evaluate . be called in to make corrections.
Would you just let it slide? Do you check for location?

The purpose of this thread is to make (all) Inspectors aware that the Trans should be located .
Why the hard time Linus?
This is why so many threads are political , religious or just venomous in general.
People are actually discouraged from posting helpful information and fewer Inspectors are bothering to post actual Inspection related information for that very reason.
Be cool:cool:

Sorry I asked a question. If the transformer was behind a wall it would show up with IR. I don’t see this lighting much.

I was waiting for the IR comment.

I’m not stating that it is to code, i’m simply saying that it gets done that way, and that code inspectors have either not caught on, looked the other way or didn’t find it to be a problem. I do not find it to be an acceptable practice knowing what I know now, even though I have done it in the past