Under framed roof

How do you guys report a 40+ year old roof that is under framed by todays standards, but may have been fine when it was installed?

This roof is built with rough sawn 2x4’s some of which are sistered and do not run the entire length of the slope. I noticed at least one collar tie that has broken and several areas where the old dimensional decking has cracked, I am guessing from snow judging from the sags in the roof. Shingles need to be replaced, not leaking yet, but are cracking horizontally, have some deterioration and some moss growth.

Thanks again for your wise words.





If there’s no obvious defects, I don’t recommend upgrading or reinforcing unless deflections or sagging are present. I’ve seen many rafters spaced at 36 on center that are in perfect condition with no sagging whatsoever.

I simply note the size and spacing of all roofing and flooring members in all my reports.


I’d say what you said. Include the pics you took. And move on.

Observe, report, go on…


It looks like someone has installed some colorful supports anyway, and it also looks like the effective rafter span isn’t all that great.

i’m not sure you want to put yourself on the line and say that it is “under framed”. note what you see and, if you think it needs additional work or an engineer’s eye, then suggest it.

the shingles may be near the end of their usefull life, but it may not have anything to do with the framing.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the input. The roof actaully has fairly significant sagging, I would venture to say about 3"+ from top to bottom.

Then write it up as such…but stay away from telling your clients how to reinforce such an area where you have little expertise. Leave that to the licensed Experts.

Roof plane is sagged. Framing does not meet current framing specifications due to age of structure. Additional framing maybe required. Seek advice from framing contractor.

I like it, thanks guys.