I thought this is fitting under roofing.
1954 build. Rafter. Several issues.
What main issues would you include in the report?
Thanks in advance.

Scabs on the rafters, extensive water stains, no ledger boards and posts from the rafters to the ceiling joists. However the house has been standing for 58 years!

First picture seems to have the biggest concerns.

Looks pretty good for 1954. :mrgreen::wink:

Would it be OK to say that there is not ventilation (missing baffles) which is making the water stain issue even worse?

Yes, what was obviously done after the original build as upgrades, should have met the new standards.
It is obvious that the framing does not meet todays standards. Some of the roof boards have been changed due to new roof covering or the boards are tainted with concrete having been used to form the foundation walls.

Any sag in the roof structure?
Any drastic movement in the structure as a whole?
Report what you see. :slight_smile:

Sorry everyone.

Best i can offer Marcel.
No Collar ties was another issue.

I did not see any modifications Marcel and Bob.
I our neck of the woods Marcel, foundation boards normally went on for roof decking on post war homes as in other areas. One reason was due to the lack of materials.
Several of the rafters were not one piece. They are scabbed with 2x6" material. More foundation framing.
Jack stud were used resting on ceiling joist.
venting issues.

Thanks all.

In this instance no Mohanad. The eave was not clad well, the roof decking were boards and spaced from shrinkage and I suspect the attic was as drafty when shear loaded. So it did vent somewhat, unconventionally mind you but vented all the same
Great observation though Mohanad.:slight_smile:
You would look at staining on the underside of the deck. Organic growth. black, deck sag, mostly plywood although I have seen a board deck sag.
Around low profile plywood deck vents that get covered with snow.:wink:
That would be the sign of poor venting.

If you crawl into the eave area, if you can mind you watch out for nail penetrations. You may add to your hypotheses by seeing staining on any insulation .
I have some photos somewhere.?^%##@!@~!. Remind me.

I am missing something Rusty. Ledger boards? The posts maybe called jack studs. should have been a kneewall.

No collar ties are not an issue. Only required of specified by the roof designer.

That’s an old thread buddy.
As usual,
Thanks Kenton.
Hope all is well:D.