Underground, is conduit required or .......

In the pic below the wire coming out of the ground is not rated. There is no conduit and it enters the box without cable clamp. Is it necessary to have conduit run the entire way or is UF wire sufficient. This goes partly under asphalt lot.
100_0567 (Small).jpg

UF does not require conduit, except for protection as it exits the ground.

Jeff is that the case even if it runs under parking lot?

[FONT=TimesNewRoman][size=2]Here is the reference. . .
300.5 Underground Installations.

(D) Protection from Damage. **[/size][/FONT]**Direct-buried conductors and cables shall be protected from damage in accordance with (1) through (5).

****(1) Emerging from Grade. ****Direct-buried conductors and enclosures emerging from grade shall be protected by enclosures or raceways extending from the minimum cover distance required by 300.5(A) below grade to a point at least 2.5 m (8 ft) above finished grade. In no case shall the [FONT=TimesNewRoman][size=2]protection be required to exceed 450 mm (18 in.) below finished grade.[/size][/FONT]

If it’s under a “building,” it must be in a raceway or conduit.


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