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Hi Folks, I am looking for some help with installing a new service into my home. Is there anyplace that I can get the specs on underground cable and conduit, [how deep, how far above grade at the pole and what schedule conduit] The pole is in my yard but will need to go under the driveway. [added depth for this?] If the meter can is on this pole, is the power company responsible for the cable to it? Is there any website that I can access to get this info.

Have you researched the NEC? It’s all there.

230.32 Protection Against Damage.

Underground service-lateral conductors shall be protected against damage in accordance with 300.5.

Service-lateral conductors entering a building shall be installed in accordance with 230.6 or protected by a raceway wiring method identified in 230.43.

Who is the licensed electrical installer, and will there be an electrical permit and inspection, and in what electrical utility area will this job be located at?

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Thanks Joe, The installation is not in the village although there will be a permit and inspection of the components. There is no requirement that the work be performed by a liscensed electrician. The actual installation of the wiring in the panel, supply and circuits, will be done by an electrician. I am going to install the conduit at the pole and house along with digging the trench, purchasing and laying the cable. Also I am buying the panel, meter can and breakers. As it reads in the table, for a residential driveway it is 18". In 300-5, [d] conduit provided from 8’ above grade to 18" below grade. 300-5, [F] backfill containing rocks… shall not be placed in an excavation where they may damage… Should I install the cable in a bed of sand, below and above, in the driveway area? National Grid is the supplier. Does that make a difference on who is responsible for the cable from the can to the top of the pole?

Look for the National Grid rules and regulations and don’t forget the warning ribbon reqired to be 12 inches above the undergrond service conductors, sand is a good move and also be sure to see 300.5(J) too.

Although the NEC is a good reference, and is likely the same, you should be using the NY Residential Code for your actual requirements. We do NOT use the NEC for one and two family dwellings.

Also, as Joe said, definitely get the POCO requirements.

See here:

We did this at the golf course my wife runs and FPL just wanted us to give them SE conductors in a sch 40 at a hand hole where they connected to their riser. We used sch 80 for our riser.
That was our service point.
I suppose that will vary by PoCo. I bet it is on their web site but it is probably better to call the local engineering department.

I would start with a phone call to the power co. in your area. When I had the electric service burried at my house part of the trenching was included in thier price. I believe the trench had to be 18’’ deep. I had my son and his buddy do the hand digging for 40 bucks. ComEd supplied the cable,conduit,hook up at the pole and 130’ of trenching. It was a few years ago but I think they charged around 350.00

Thanks to everybody that respaonded to my request. The people on this board are 2nd to none!