Underwritting Bulletin - 4 Point Ins. Florida Peninsula

This came across my desk today, wanted to share with everyone

nothing new there.what company was that?

Probably: http://www.floridapeninsula.com/welcome

I am guessing they are little by little going towards the Citizens form as their new standardized form…
It also appears by what the are concentrating on most, that plumbing/mold issues are their main concern…for now.

Got the same thing also. It’s not the requirements that are an issue but who they want to refer to. I personally don’t like 4 Pt’s Don Meyler can stick everyone of them up his rear end.

An authorized company under The Ivantage Expanded Market Program
November 3, 2015

Underwriting Bulletin # 55 - 4 Point Inspections Requirements
Effective: November 9, 2015

Customer Service
Toll Free
Customer Service Fax
Payment Address **P.O. Box 30010
Tampa, FL 33630
**Overnight Package
**100 Paramount Drive,

Suite 100
****Sarasota, FL 34232**Claims Status &
Due to the change in our inspection ordering to reduce the number of interior property inspections, the quality and content of 4 Point Inspections for homes age 40 and over has increased in importance. Since the information provided by a 4 Point Inspection varies by vendor, our Underwriting Department has standardized the requirements for this report.

4 Point inspections must include:

  • HVAC - brand, age, condition, photos
  • Hot water heater(s) - brand, age, condition, photos showing brand, serial number and full image of the HWH
  • Plumbing - list types of plumbing lines used in the home, condition of plumbing, any leaks noted, photos of plumbing under sinks in bathrooms and kitchen, washing machine connections
  • Electrical panels - brand, age, condition, photo of each electrical panel
  • **Roof **- age, type of roof, condition, remaining roof life and photo for all roof surface and types on the home

We have identified 2 companies that conduct inspections across the state and provide the specific information we require. Therefore, we recommend all 4 Point Inspections be ordered through one of the following vendors.
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We understand you and your agency staff may have questions regarding our inspection process, therefore, we ask you contact your local Sales Development Manager for additional information, or our Customer Service Department at: 877-229-2244](tel:877-229-2244) for assistance.


Forward this email](https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__ui.constantcontact.com_sa_fwtf.jsp-3Fllr-3Dichtowdab-26m-3D1103486360648-26ea-3Da014651-2540allstate.com-26a-3D1122754819400&d=CwMFaQ&c=gtIjdLs6LnStUpy9cTOW9w&r=ylnvP014EfhSL3ar8D_7lJWz_absDMtkY3IjCN4dmvw&m=_PXOFzmSvKpLu0K90shU_yPhNJ6P25ea2OWO2FTje3k&s=XHcGW-855h9p3LGLQ0JHt4L1JhLokkPM-MLnpF5SF-k&e=)

I agree

If they want good 4 Point inspections and they are so important why do so many of their agents recommend the cheapest available???

Ohhhh yeah I forgot to make the sale.

I might think that recommending individuals which they feel meet the criteria, while excluding others who provide the exact same information, might get one into trouble.

We will see what certain regulatory bodies have to say with regards to collusion and other items…Maybe I’ll head to Tallahassee…:wink:

Nothing has changed with FL Peninsula. As for their requirements I cover those points in my 4 Point inspections. Agree with Mike you get what you pay for.

Woohoooo someone agrees with me :slight_smile: What a rare day indeed.

Agreed :mrgreen:

Do guys get a lot of four points kicked back and the company wanting more information? We do a lot of four points, about 90% are with home inspections. We have used the same form for years with no issues. Except state farm, and with the 5 state farm we get asked to fill out we get a call to do a new one on our form

I use my own form for my 4-points and I haven’t had one kicked back that needed more information. Everything this insurance company wants is in my 4-point.

I never get them kicked back either . On my modded Cit form or my own form. Just photograph everything you look at and that is normally enough as far as my experience has been.