Unfamiliar TP valve?

This TP valve is unfamiliar to me. It said watts on it and it is only a 1/2" inlet and outlet. Iv’e worked for a pluming supply co. and I haven’t seen one of these before. And to make matters worse this WH was reverse plumbed.



I think this is a temp only not a temp Pressure Can see no lever at top. There are some with only 1/2 inch. The discharge should go to with in 6 inches of the floor .
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Temp probe should be in the tank not the piping.

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I don’r beleive that’s a TPRV on the supply line and if there is none present that house has major problems. Watch the video http://www.waterheaterblast.com/ or read this article http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/33094_boom28.shtml

They need a plumber IMMEDIATELY!!!

I have seen a few of these that I replaced. This one is installed incorrectly as stated.

I’ve seen what can happen when water heater T&P valve is capped. It blew up the house and caused thousands of dollars damage to neighboring homes. Beware also of bad advice from DYI stores and hardware stores. I had a customer call me once and said she couldn’t figure out how to put the cap on the T&P valve that Ace Hardware had sold her. Good thing she couldn’t because her half of million dollar home may have been ruble.

It is not a TPR valve, it is a Watts 530 valve for thermal expansion. Typically installed in place of an air pressure tank to reduce back pressure on the plumbing system.

These are required in this area, and they have the outlet plumbed to the exterior. Needs to be installed on the Cold water side, of course.

Watts info for this valve:

You can dial in the pressure you need by turning the knurled top to display the PSI you’re looking for.

Another photo: