Unknown Breaker

Anyone know what kind of breaker this is? Found this in a closet of a one bedroom condo unit. I believe it was connected to the fan-coil unit for heating/cooling. But not sure what kind of breaker this is. Not very common, at least on the inspections I have done. I believe this was a 60’s condominium building. There was a chiller on the roof connected to the units in each condo. Appreciate the help!



Looks like an old disconnect.

I don’t see a breaker. Perhaps this was a contactor?

When I turned on the heating portion of the HVAC system, I noticed that this breaker was popping in and out.

Jim Port

“I don’t see a breaker. Perhaps this was a contactor?” What do you mean contactor???

Contactor is a relay, and that may be what it is.

It looks like a contactor to me. It is not a breaker.

A contactor acts like a large switch.

Okay Contactor-Relay switch. Thanks. This thing kept, from what I’m assuming, popping On and Off and sparked when it did it. To me, this was an issue. Those copper tabs were smoked all around them. Definitely recommending further evaluation by a licensed electrician. I’m thinking the HOA may have to get involved in on this.
Thanks for your help gentlemen!

I agree a contactor or relay.