Strange place for drain

New Construction Condo, 26 units all the same drains inside upstairs hall with hardwood floors

Secondary drain?

Yes but I still think you might need to keep a bucket under it :slight_smile:

Well how do you expect anyone to know there is a problem unless they take a header on the wet floor? :wink:

They did save 20Ft. of PVC , the panel you see with the filter is also the only access to the attic. I have a couple more very interesting photos I will post later

Holy Crap.

What makes you say a drain ? Did you see where it went ? Could it be a sleeve of some sort ? Or a chase used during construction ? You didnt post this as a question but it left me with some. : )

I will try my best to answer your questions :slight_smile:

What makes you say a drain ? A wild guess

Did you see where it went ? Yes thats what I get paid for

Could it be a sleeve of some sort ? I can’t think of any kind of sleeve one would leave hanging in a hall ceiling under the AC

Or a chase used during construction ? A chase left in the ceiling of every unit of a building that is finished, I think not.

What did it drain ? I cant think of a chase or sleeve that would be left to be finished but today some Superintendents are spread thin and I would like to see his face when that question is brought up

Curtis, The drain pan under the AC unit. This building is a POS I don’t think they had a super and if they did he was stoned. The buyer walked because of the shoddy workmanship in the whole complex. If you can see this kind of work just Imagen what you can’t see.

Gary , I would like to recant my post because I look like a dope .LOL I agree with Larry.

No such thing as a dumb question :slight_smile:

They are just following CODE.

Y’all know all about Codes don’t you?

The secondary must be located in a “conspicuous” location!

You can’t be calling this one out!? :freaked-:


Usually they place the secondary discharge over the tub, at least in the units we see around here. It’s possible to make the drain conspicuous without making them destructive and hazardous.

The whole point of having a secondary drain/pan is to prevent damage to the building if the primary drain fails or becomes obstructed. This does not achieve that, so I would certainly call it out. Might just as well just allow the primary overflow from the coil onto the access cover.

If you were being facetious, I apologize for not picking up on the sarcasm…

Yes Sir, I was…

They all go outside around here and they don’t comply with the code.
I don’t call it out either…

Which pipe is which?