Unknown exterior jack

Does anybody know what this jack is for? Found on exterior of Mission Viejo Calif home.

Ummm…I could be wrong but it looks like a WP Switch Cover Plate to me…are you sure it was not for a switch that maybe the switch was removed or broke off?

Anyway thats what it looks like to me…

The handle on the snap switch has broken off.


Dang! I think you’re all correct! It’s so obvious!

Don’t you just hate when that happens. Well at least it’s the end of the year, you would hate to start the year off this way. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

277V stamp on it, usually is what is used for lighting circuit. Looks like a WP cover like Paul said with the broken toggle. But that would be 3 phase and that is probably 120. I got to keep my head out of commercial. LOL

It’s an Eagle brand, Spec Grade, 120/277 volt, 20 amp, A/C only snap switch. A very common 20 amp switch. :slight_smile: