Unknown Item on exterior brick

1940’s brick home these were on both sides of the home and installed in random order.
My guess is something to attach maybe vines too? :man_shrugging:

Yeah, those are tampons trying to stop a leak. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With that metal pull ring it must be a Bertha Tampon!


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Possibly but there are no signs of vegetation ever having been against the brick. Possibly a planned hang point for something else? Do you have any far out pics for perspective on both walls?

The only time I’ve seen random bore points like that was for injection of something (termite treatment although these are way large for that) or repair deficient brick ties. However the repair for brick ties would not be as random as they are looking for the studs to tie into although some repair methods do tap directly to sheathing instead.

Be interesting to hear if anyone else has encountered this.

That’s different. It doesn’t look like all plugs have wires and the pattern is no pattern at all.

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You will have to zoom in, but I circled some just to give you the randomness of these, I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at these, the other side of the house was a jungle so not able to get any clear pictures of those.

Possibly remedial wall/brick ties?


Possible, but no signs of needed repair, M joints looked great and no signs of newer mortar coloring. But I like the thought process Larry!

Also, none of these were on the front or the rear of the home, just the sides?

Wire Hangers. Hole is drilled wire is secured with mortar.
Likely for a sign.

Not likely, look at the last picture I posted and there are some on the other side of the house

Definitely strange/interesting. These appear to run from the bottom to the roof. Some appear to be within inches of each other (just above in the next brick). I have encountered at least one home where the ties appeared to be deficient and the wall literally flexed. The home had been there awhile and mortar was not damaged at all.

I would also probably lean towards a brick tie repair where possibly they missed the mark where the points are close together resulting in that aspect. It could be the ties were only deficient on the sides and not the front or back and the random order was all that were needed for placement for repairs. What is most confusing is the randomness that doesn’t fit any typical repair or treatment type patterns and the size as well.

Definitely interesting and although you can’t do it it would also be interesting to remove one of the plugs to see more. If you ever do find out let us know. That’s one of the unfortunate aspects we face that many times we never get to find out what happens after the inspection.


If it’s not related to any repairs, then I think you nailed it with the vine idea.

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Or Christmas lights/decorations!


Yeah, if I was buying the home I would have to dig into this a little deeper, most likely I will never find out for sure unless I have some slow time to try and research this further.

I vaguely remember attaching a bunch of little hooks on my mother’s brick house about 50 years ago. Your hooks look similar. She wanted to get the English ivy to grow on the wall. (Not a good idea BTW). It was a package of clips and came with a tube of adhesive.


Many years ago, I was in a HUD home with 2X4 blocks about 5 to 7 inches long randomly placed on the vaulted ceiling over the living room. When I pulled on one, it was simply “secured” with a sixteen penny nail in the sheetrock. It could not possibly support anything weighing more than a few ounces. Someone had to put these in place with a very tall step ladder, but for what purpose?
Sometimes, there is an intent that has no logic except to the person doing it.