Another one by *******. These guys are buggin! The features were actually very easy to verify. I have tons of examples like this.



The pictures of the actual features, are the one I took

Probably one of their structural experts with a landscape architect license.

Nice pictures. The question I have is the pic of the strap in it’s corroded state qualifies?

Thats not severe corrosion, imo, a wirebrush would make it shine like a penny

I have done a lot of these and I still have not seen one the was 100% non-hip:D

100% non-hip would be a flat roof, but this is obviously not that. That comment should not have made it through auditing. I see a lot of mistakes on that comparison report. I don’t know about Landscape Arch’s being allowed to do these, but Adjusters are.

Why are they mentioning type of construction?

Is that some sort of worksheet they use and then someone else inputs the information into the 1802?

I would also like to know, who is marking trusses like the one in the picture? Not the long lines, but the six lines all next to each other that are crossed out.

Simonsen2 (123) (Custom).JPG

That’s some oops or crossing out the last guys junk

I crossed them out, but it is around the fifth or sixth time I have seen them marked that way.