Unlimited, free full-color Buy Back rack cards for participating members.

If you are a participating member of the Buy Back program, you can now get unlimited, free Buy Back rack cards to promote your business.

Here is how to get yours at no charge: If you will honestly use them, email me at fastreply@nachi.org Put “Free Buy Back rackcards” in the subject line. Include your name and shipping address in the email.

I’ll buy them for you and pay the shipping too. Participants in the Buy Back program only please.

This is on the honor system… only order your free Buy Back rack cards if you are going to use them. If you run out, order more. No charge.

Look Great, thank you !:slight_smile:

Got it. Thanks!

Some of you are finding much success with these rack cards. Reminder: I’ll ship you as many as you want.

Hello Nick,
I am a new member and new to my area as far as home inspecting. I do have a couple of inspectors in the area that are members as well. However, not one inspector is taking advantage of the buy back program that I can see. I think it is great and will give me the edge on the competition that the plan is designed for. I am all in ! I could really use any promotional material that can get us on the right track.


Steve Stewart
InterNACHI Member

Most of the many, many marketing programs I’ve come up with in the past 23 years don’t work. YES I SAID IT!

Once I figure out that they really aren’t killers… I quietly let them disappear so that my members don’t waste their precious time or money on them.

A few work really well. The Buy Back Guarantee is one of those few.

I can list (and post) the killer marketing programs off the top of my head for you if you are interested.

I’m all ears…

Yes I’m interested. I’m sure many others are as well. Thank you

Since you two chimed in, I’ll give you each one… particular to each of you. Ron first, then Dave:


At the time I am making this post, you don’t have your website address in your message board signature.

Make sure your message board signature contains a live link to your inspection business website and NAP. This instantly gives you a lot of link juice (proportional to how many posts you’ve written).

Also Ron, you’ve only made 39 posts at this time.

Post frequently on InterNACHI’s message board. Make inspection-related posts in the open forums of InterNACHI’s message board so that they’re accessible to everyone, including consumers and search engines. If you want to engage in crazy religious debates, join us in the very fun NFE (not for everyone) forum (you have to be logged in to find it).


Fix your message board signature. Instead of just including your website address… do this: Make a link titled “Naples Home Inspector, Marco Island Home Inspector, Ft Myers Home Inspector, Cape Coral Home Inspector” and link it to www.fhiaps.com like this:

Naples Home Inspector, Marco Island Home Inspector, Ft Myers Home Inspector, Cape Coral Home Inspector

You’ll get 50 times the SEO from my link as opposed to the one you are using which is titled as your actual website address.

Ha, I would join in the the religious debates, especially the one going on now, but I don’t want to debate Larson…

Oh, we have fun in NFE. Search engines and consumers can’t see it so it’s anything goes. :smiley:


Did anything come of the idea of being able to enter more than one address at a time?

My CC is getting rejected for making duplicate $5 charges.


Let me work on that.

Let me Test this here before going on the public side of the forum

Test Again before posting on the public side.

I’m trying a lot of things, but as you know there are a lot of inspectors in the Denver Metro area. Page one on Google is the grand prize and I just hate paying adwords - especially since I’m still rolling out. Would rather build slowly to make sure I can offer the best service. I’ll definitely sign on to the Buyback program.

Every RE office I take the rack cards into for the first time their response has always been “WOW, these are really well designed” These cards definitely grab people’s attention as soon as they look at them and I find they may not remember your name immediately, but they do remember you as the guy with the awesome rack cards. I have handed out over 1500 of these in the last few weeks everyone is wanting more to hand out as the market starts to pick up.

This reminds me I’m starting to get a little low on my stock.

Order as many as you need. No charge. See instructions in post #1.

I’m in! Just emailed my info.
Thanks again!