"We'll buy your house back" new program

I’m looking for feedback on the new program offered in the latest newsletter by Ben,
…seems to me if you don’t enroll in the program your local competing fellow NACHI inspectors have an edge over you…then possible price wars will begin, arguments ensue, world peace is threatened…waddya think?

That is certainly the illusion that those wishing to receive $5 for each home inspection performed by NACHI members wish to convey.

My suggestion is not to take advice from someone that fails at operating a business and tries to provide legal advice without a license.

The buy back does not replace your E&O it is not a repair warranty it is strictly a buy back guarantee.

Am I missing a particular reason your response also includes a personal attack?
No one engaged you.

If you have a well established business, you don’t need gimmicks to draw more business.


Yes you have missed the boat completely you have not been here long enough to know the whole story. No one engaged Bushy either but he likes to give his own false opinion on most every subject

OK - thanks for responding Charley.

Seriously guys, out of 447 views THIS is all the response there is?

That should give you an idea of the percentage of members who have so far signed-up for this gimmick.

The truth has already been stated. What else is to be said?

And then there’s CB’s “pissed off at the world” attitude of late, chasing away those willing to speak their opinions.

I think you would be a fool if you do NOT OFFER IT. You wanted opinions that is mine. If I were buying a home and one guy offered that and one did not and everything else appeared equal who do you think I would choose?

***Heck, Conduct an experiment with your friends and family and ask them what they would do. Please post your results.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I tried to sign up the first day I heard about it but had issues with it accepting amex?

I will offer it on EVERY written home inspection I do.

I rarely get them because I quote much higher than must now I have a real GOOD reason Besides my credentials.

As a new inspector I think it should be in my bag of tricks (no pun intended).

Its marketing, nothing more.
I read about guys giving out candy, calenders, pens and flowers, this is much the same except its got some bling to it.

For a guy who doesn’t have 10 years or more of making relationships its a help.

Think about it, the best thing that could happen to Internachi members is for someone to actually have Internachi buy their house back. That will make all the news channels and Internachi will get a million dollars worth of advertising for a home they buy and resell. The buyers get a famous house, the inspector involved gets on the news, Internachi gets recognized as “that inspector organization”.

Like it or not its great marketing.

What happens if someone has a claim. Do I have to spend any time with it?

Yes, if Nick has to pay off one of your customers, you get to stand there in front of the TV cameras while he hands them a check to them.

Make sure you smile real big.

Nice, eh? :sarcasm:

Its more overhead and money out of your pocket. I seriously doubt this is going to be any sort of game changer for anyone’s business but if it is, then more power to them. Take the $5 on this and spend it on ISN or a money making additional service and training like IR, Radon, or Mold certification.

You also forgot about the minimum,three percent down payment required to get a mortgage. Who is going to reimburse your client for that? Not to mention appraisal and prepaids?

I’ll smile big if it was a good inspection and they just didn’t want the home.

I see your point but I am thinking theres a much bigger upside than down.

The inspector can choose not to be identified, but still, I don’t think this is going to be a problem, this is gold for Internachi, “The inspector organization that will for any reason give you back what you paid for the home”.

Way I see it is people buy a home and have some nutcase for a neighbor, they are willing to take a loss in moving dollars and time and get another home. Internachi saved them years of aggravation.

In your scenario I miss a buckling foundation, bad furnace, leaky roof and the electric gives sparks every time you plug a hair dryer in.

That scenario would tell me its time to hang it up.

Before becoming an inspector I had the misfortune of having to work with inspectors from 2 of the franchises, that was who the banks used or recommended. I with no inspector training could have done better with a penlight and swiss army knife.

Where did you get this information from?

You may be right “this is gold for INachi”. Not sure if it’s gold for the members.

The program allows you to raise your fees by about $30 on average, and it causes more consumers to choose you, and it gets you more inspections, and it gets the attention of agents who normally don’t refer you. I’m putting its value to participating members somewhere around the $12K/year range, but it’s hard to calculate yet.