Unprotected water heater

Do you guys write up electric water heaters in garages in new construction that are not protected?


If by protection, you mean protection from collision damage, no. It isn’t required.

No, but if I see that it’s possible that the water heater can be crushed by a vehicle, then it absolutely gets annotated in the report as “recommending a protective barrier to prevent a vehicle from crushing tank”.

2003 IRC:

Check the Florida Building Codes to see if they require this.

I stand corrected. Electric water heaters should be protected from impact. State, a leading manufacturer of electric water heaters requires protection from vehicle damage in their installation manuals:

[FONT=Arial]“Also, the water heater must be located and/or protected so it is not subject to physical damage by a moving vehicle.”[/FONT]


Electric/Gas WH’s … dryers too