Unusual inspection request

I have been asked to quote an inspection for a circa 1909 (but recently ‘updated’) Bed & Breakfast located in a small southern town. It is about 6000 Sq. Ft., covering 3 floors, the top floor of which is being used a residence for the current owners. It also has a commercial kitchen which was used by a third party restaurant that operated there for only a short while. Any help in pricing this one will be appreciated.:roll:

Need to know how many bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens/kitchenette’s, heating/cooling system, etc…

Don’t forget, this is a COMMERCIAL inspection.

You should GO and look at the property b4 giving a fee quote.

This is NOT a HI, although you will need to check a lot of it the same way you would check a house.

BUT, your report should not be a HI rpt. Investors don’t care about all the stupid s h i t on a HI. Just give them what they need.

I get the sense that this small job may be over your head…

I always do at least a drive by before any commercial inspection. Sometimes even a quick walk through then give an estimate for inspection.

In this case I have visited this B&B number of times over the years so am generally familiar with it. I am aware that it has a little over 6000 sq. ft., six guest rooms, each with a private bath. The area I know the least about is the owners quarters, which are on the third floor. Best guess is likely about 1500 sq. ft. there with no more than 2BR and 2 baths. There are also several “gathering” rooms on the first floor, plus a commercial kitchen, not currently in use (the restaurant for which it was installed, closed).

Although I am certainly familiar with the requirements of a commercial inspection, it is not every day that we have the opportunity to do a B&B.