"Controlled" receptacle - never seen one of these before

Anyone know what this is for?

Currently in the commercial world more and more specs are dictating any receptacle that is part of an automation system or a building load system has to be marked “controlled” I have numerous in my home that are controlled by a computer program to turn lighting loads on and off. The TV in my kids playroom is denergized at 8pm. All of these are marked controlled so I know what is what when things get plugged into them.

That particular receptacle appears to have a timer of some sort built right in. I have not seen that specific device before but I will do some research.

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Looks like an old X10 receptacle that was part of the primitive X10 home automation systems of the 80’s. Radio shack sold then back in the day.


Damn you are good. Still made and sold for the X10 system

X10 was pretty big in its day. Carrier current system not without drawbacks but… Radio shack had a sophisticated controller that hooked up to your TV and showed a graphic house with rooms you could program for the various modules. I believe it also had a phone hookup so you could control modules over the phone. This was late 80s so that was pretty sophisticated for its time.


About the size of a VCR even had a infrared remote. Z80 processor as I recall.

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