Unusual Moisture Intrusion Location in Basement

2006 home in Georgia, two story on a walk-out basement. Four sides brick veneer. I observed this moisture intrusion at the basement floor along the wall. See diagram

I have already elevated the problem in my report for my client to seek further evaluation. For my own edification, I would be interested in what others think. Where is the water coming from, the cause and a possible cure. Thanks in advance

If you’ve eliminated normal interior and exterior sources.

Floor looks clean, I’m thinking someone sprayed the floor down and it’s a low spot. :man_shrugging:

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It was clean. Good point.

And to complete the picture. There were other basement issues; such as that cut-out which I think there should be a vapor barrier. Widespread mold on the overhead floor structure. A large floor crack with settlement under the fireplace (25’ away from this).

Check out what was inside the floor cut-out. That is black corrugated pipe and a capped sanitary drain pipe.