ASHI/Feiza 'Solving a basement leak.......'

Ummm, he says ‘In reality, inspectors MUST identify any signs of moisture intrusion AND advise the buyer on what steps can be taken’.

He also says, ‘Understanding how water intrusion occurs will make us all better home inspectors’. Ok, i’m down for that… BUTT, you need to know, understand what your talking about, advising buyers about.

So he shows a photo of a leaky basement, says to take a look at the top of the block basement wall. Then says the pattern is a little different on the lower blocks. (efflorescence etc)

He says he investigated further as he was serving as a consultant to the homeowner.

He says the homeowner has tried several things (incompetent-rookie crap), to solve the problem.
You can read the rest of this incompetent junk.

Look, if he knew/understood THIS subject better, he would have at least ran a water-test with a hose from ground level DOWN, from the top of the basement wall DOWN… recreate a heavy-long rain with the stupid hose!

IF water begins to enter the basement, high-low-anywhere then, there is 1+++ exterior openings in that area and they need to be found and sealed/waterproofed, period!

If NO water enters then there will be 1++ openings ABOVE GRADE and they need to be found and fixed correctly.
You have to run the water long enough in order to deduce whether or not there is a crack etc on the outside of the block basement wall.

Feiza didn’t state he did any of this, got that?
You want to write articles on this sht but you don’t have all the keys to unlock the mysteries!!!
Your a consultant (paid I’m guessing) yet don’t have the expertise to find/identify any-all possible problems!

And just because there may be some staining, efflorescence near the TOP of a block basement wall does not necessarily mean there are ABOVE grade problems such as brick veneer problems. Sometimes there is and sometimes there aren’t… see this block basement wall, stains/efflorescence up high etc

Now 2 photos of the outside of wall, what was OPEN, deteriorating underneath patio-slabs

Hmmm, an advisor, a consultant…NOT an expert and… paid?
Tirrrrred of this crrrrap. The rookies, non-experts and all the scumbag interior systems co’s get the $$$ and the honest-exp’d contractors get dog crap.

Did anyone bother (do they even care! lol) to look at the pica photos, see the inside?
What was open, deteriorating on the outside?

There is ONE fix for that. Exterior waterproofing. These homeowners just like some others will also need some minor tuckpointing above grade.

If a home, city inspector, realtor etc etc were to advise/recommend anything else than what I just typed, they would be wrrrong!!! Yeah because some HI’s or city inspectors, realtors etc actually tell homeowners to mudjack slabs or raise and slope the grade or extend the downspout ext from their house all the way to the PACIFIC Ocean, it’s nonsense. You need to find/identify the problem(s) in order to ummm FIX the problems.

He also could have run a water-test against the brick veneer (do that after testing the basement wall, do it the next day, next week). Spraying, soaking the veneer should also determine whether or not THEY are part or all of the problem

Feiza can spray abc on bricks etc all he wants but IF part, or all of the actual problems/defects are BELOW grade, like a crack on the exterior of wall then spraying the bricks will not solve all problems, eh. HENCE, should have done a water-test from ground level down, whether there were problems in the brick veneer or not.
His FINAL TIP is good, he’s right there. But again loool geeeeez, what what was printed in this article, he just GUESSED! (yeah yeah, maybe a cheapie homeowner but, he guessed and is hoping, that’s often a recipe for more problems)

Just a handful of photos, a mother of 3 bought this place, was told there were no leaks in basement etc, the usual bs.
Driveway slabs slope…away and, some Bozo tarred along the edge of the house/driveway. Did THAT solve anything? Nope.
What, mudjack the slabs to give them an even BETTER pitch, slope? Really? loool

Same house, tree root under the drive slabs, against wall right where a crack is

Same house, top of the vertical crack in poured foundation wall

Crack was patched and painted over on the inside of basement…
Often hear something like this from some home inspectors here in MI … ‘Crack in foundation wall, does not appear to be moving and was no water in basement on day of inspection’… well, big deal!
The fact there may not have been any water in basement when a HI did an inspection means NADA!
A crack, even a thin one like this (photo above) can allow water in! sheesh baby, come on… it’s n existing defect, write it up as such, keep your butt away from possibly losing your fee or getting sued. Some people do NOT have a bunch of extra cash available to fix stuff like this correctly when they buy a stupid house.

Commercial building, leaky basement… first photo inside that basement

Outside 2 photos of some of the openings/defects where water was entering and that NO interior basement system repairs