Unusual roofing fastener

A fellow inspector found this unusual shingle faster yesterday:

Wait…this might explain it better :mrgreen::

Cinco de Mayo celebration, party favors

Powder actuated roof shingle fastner, huh, learn something every day Mike. :mrgreen::wink:

Man, that would give you a headache…:shock:


whatever goes up…comes down somewhere…

At least…may be larger, hard to tell from the photo. This reminds me of the unintended consequences of uncontrolled gunfire like the short video below:


Jeez…:shock:…do you know where your kids are and what they’re doing?

You think that was un controlled Michael??? That kid looks like he hit what he was aiming at to me…:wink: Probably was mad about being grounded…

Hey Mike was that in here in town?

George…I assume you mean the bullet in the roof and not the kid popping his dad :)…then, yes, it was somewhere in North Austin. Another local inspector sent those photos to me.

wonder if He plugged that hole back up…

That idiot got exactly what he deserved. . .

The roof or the belly? :mrgreen:

That’s a fact.

I was talking about the roof…the idiot…well that’s just natural selection in progress…

Yeah, the other inspector is a top notch, conscientious guy, I’m sure he didn’t leave it open.

Were you at that wedding?:mrgreen: