Up to 8/12 pitch

This afternoon, in sunny Boulder Colorado, an inspector showed me what he puts on his feet. Boots. With a non-slip surface. The bottom of the boot is attached with Velcro. He requires his inspectors to wear them on the roofs, and expects them to walk on pitched roofs up and including 8/12. He has some inspectors going to 9 and 10/12s without slipping. Amazing. Great safety items for home inspectors.
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Sounds like he is testing fate with his inspectors lives. :roll: No foot-ware makes you insusceptible to unfortunate accidents. IMO

Cougar Paws™ products are not designed to be used on roof surfaces without use of proper fall protection. Use of these products without fall protection could result in serious injury or death. Estimated safe-to-wear period for Cougar Pawsª* is 5 months**. After that time, the Velcro could become worn or blunted and the pad slip or disengage from the Velcro. No warranty or representation is made as to these products ability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk. Contact us immediately if you receive a defective product. Our products are designed to be worn on dry roof surfaces only. The user assumes responsibility for ensuring the pad is properly secured to the boot sole prior to use. User is responsible for inspecting the shoes before each use to ensure the pads are properly attached.*

He’s out of His flippin mind…imho…jim

I hope (at least) he is buying his inspectors new boots every 5 months at $135.00 a pop… and some life insurance for their families.

8/12!! Does the idea of high wire without a net come to anyone elses mind.

It seems like he would want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. :roll: New inspectors read some of these postings as gospel.

Cougar Paws™ products are not designed to be used on roof surfaces without use of proper fall protection...etc., etc., etc.

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Hope floats.