Update to the Owens Corning Roof Program

starting course

Completed application and beginning training.

Ben, would you be able to send me a appendix of the course. I will see if any Canadian roofing material manufactures in QC will do the same.

QC is big on courses. I have to talk to one specific manufacture this month about courses.I am sure they would like to expand there base.
Thanks in advance.

You can get to the course content at http://www.nachi.org/owens-corning-signup.htm

Thanks Ben.
I will show this media to the provider.
Best regards.


Thanks so much for your hard work and your teams hard work it putting this together! I did my first job last week happy to say it went incredibly well. Smooth and uneventful!

Looking forward to doing more!

Jim Calleri

Nick, Is this program going to continue in NC past Feb '14?


OK going through the course now. I service the Charlotte NC area.

Awesome. We’re trying not to ramp up too quickly. We’ve only recently come to believe that we have every Lowes store on board and now we are strengthening the infrastructure on our end some more.

When will this go national?

Is it too late to participate in this program?

No. Visit http://www.nachi.org/owens-corning-roof-warranty-program-press-release.htm and click “log in.”

Been contacted for a few of these jobs and I have to admit, it’s not a very good program. One was the address of a Lowe’s and the other I could never get in touch with the client.


But be sure to take only the “gravy” jobs - the easy to do ones that are both: close to your office and easy to do. If you don’t want the leads that are generated in your area, don’t take them.

Look only for the jobs that you want, and make sense for your business.

If you get the wrong address or a bad phone number, tell me, and we’ll cancel that job and get a new one for you.

Love to see something like this come into the Canadian Provinces.

Get ready to add # 10 for North Carolina. I just passed the course and when I get a chance, I will fill out the paper work and send in.
InterNACHI Certified Roof Data Technician # 10 for North Carolina:
Michael Wayne Altizer NACHI10051901
Raleigh, North Carolina.

It now has.

Visit nachi.org/roof

I have my first one tomorrow, I’ll tell ya guys how it went. I’m looking forward to it.

Just completed the online course to receive assignments for the Roof Data Technician Program. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to receive more jobs? Thanks!