Update to the Owens Corning Roof Program

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As of September 19, 2013, the program has been very successful.

We have more than 900 InterNACHI members enrolled in the program.

Roof inspection jobs have been distributed to qualified members for the past two weeks in Colorado and Florida.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be fully rolling out the program in all 14 pilot states: CA, CO, FL, IN, KS, KY, MN, MO, NC, NY, OH, OR, PA, and TN.

If you’d like to participate in the program, visit Roof Data Technician Program with InterNACHI and Owens Corning Roofing - InterNACHI and sign up.

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Ben, I filled out the paperwork at the big meeting in Denver in August. I have never seen anything since. How are you determining who is qualified?

On Tuesday I did my first Owens Corning Data collection. I have to say it was pretty easy. I was able to get in and out of Lowes in about 10 minutes and the supply that I got will cover me for at least 10 inspections. The home owner was happy to see me and was pretty nice. He had most of the information right there for me. I was at the property for 30 minutes. When I got home I had the paperwork and shingles packed in about 15 minutes and sent the shingles right out that evning on my way to work… I can’t wait to get more of these… I think its great fill in work and worth it to me to do them…

Hi All!

Got my first assignment Tuesday night and completed it on Wednesday. Easy as can be. After the training and discussions it went off without a hitch. I called the homeowner and asked to come by the following afternoon to collect the data for Owens-Corning, picked up the material needed at Lowes, arrived and took the pictures, then pulled and replaced two shingles. The homeowner was not present for the work, but arrived at completion so I was able to verify the information gathered during domain II tasks and get a signature. The job took about 15-20 minutes.

Thanks for setting us up for success! This makes a great ancillary service for a market we hadn’t even thought of tapping in to. Keep the assignments coming!:slight_smile:

Hi, David.

Please visit http://www.nachi.org/owens-corning-signup.htm and make sure everything is complete and “green.”

Owens Corning is doing a slow roll out and watching the system processes during the initial pilot stage. It’ll be expanded to all pilot markets in the next few weeks. Anticipation is high, but remember that demand will come from homeowners who experience an event. So it may be sporadic in the beginning. And the closest and quickest Technicians get the job assignments.

Thanks for participating in our pilot.

Good to hear.

Ben, any word on when the web based software will be set up for the reporting?

How is payment made for this service???

In NACHI dollars.

When Owens Corning receives the shingles, they mail a check to the inspector. When the program moves from pilot stage to national program, payments will be made electronically immediately.

Very soon. Right now, inspectors are simply emailing a simple checklist with roof pictures attached.

Ben, let us know if you have anything in Palm Beach County

Yes. We’ve been distributing roof jobs in FL and CO for a couple weeks now. Owens Corning is doing a slow roll out and watching the system processes during the initial pilot stage. It’ll be expanded to all pilot markets in the next few weeks. Anticipation is high, but remember that demand will come from homeowners who experience an event. So it may be sporadic in the beginning. Thanks for participating in our pilot.

For updates on the pilot roll-out schedule, please visit http://www.nachi.org/owens-corning-roof-warranty-program-press-release.htm#schedule


My first Owens Corning Data Collection went according to plan. The homeowner was pleased at the timely response. Cudos to the organization team, I appreciate being involved! Will look forward hearing from you again soon!

Todd Coleman

Hot pic of hundreds of boxes are being shipped to Roof Data Technicians across the country as part of the Owens Corning Roof Inspection Program.

Members can participate at http://www.nachi.org/owens-corning-roof-warranty-program-press-release.htm

Where in Florida are most of the jobs? I live in port st Lucie on the east coast. Would like very much to get a shot at a job. Maybe there is nothing in my area. I am all set to go with all the requirements. Patiently and eagerly awaiting a call. Thanks to all.

I do you know about measuring a roof area from the ground when the pitch is known ?
I’m looking in my Walker’s Building Estimator’s Reference Book at page 7.45.
Check it out .

But for the Owens Corning program, the member is required to walk upon the roof to measure the total square footage of the house roof, including the measurement of the “area of concern.” We’ve found that inspectors measure the roof area more accurately in this way, especially after watching the videos http://www.nachi.org/inspection-video-measure-house-roof-square-footage.htm and http://www.nachi.org/inspection-video-roof-slope-pitch.htm

From the ground, it’s particularly difficult to measure the total square footage using the “from the ground” method, particularly with a house that has multiple slopes, dormers, and extended soffits that overhang the foundation perimeter and lower roof sections.


How about some pilot program statistics? How is the pilot progressing and what can we do better? If OC will let you give us some information like how many data collections have been assigned, completed, average turn around time, maybe some quality control statistics for how our reports have been?

Erik Coplin

Hi, Erik.
Great idea. I will bring it up with Owens Corning. I don’t think they’d like to disclose too much, but maybe some general stats. It’s very early in the pilot, but I know for sure that the speed is very good. The homeowners are happy to get a call from an InterNACHI member. And they love to hear that the member is an unbiased 3rd party neutral. And the quality of the shingle work is very good.

Pilot is going very well.

If any members have any questions about the Owens Corning pilot, feel free to call me at 303-862-2611 or ben@internachi.org.