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Hey Guys,

  Just wanted to let you know that some panels are rated for double neutrals on the same lug, I don't know why that was allowed, but it is, also starting 2008 only correct 20 amp outlets with the horizontal tab can be used on 20 amp circuits. F.Y.I Can you tell I just did a inspection for a electrical engineer

Not according to the NEC. [FONT=Arial]

NEC 408.41 [/FONT][FONT=Arial]Each grounded conductor shall terminate within a panel board in an individual terminal [/FONT][FONT=Arial]that is not used for any other conductor[/FONT]

Do you have an example?

Hey Mike

I have not gone back to look at this panel but I was told that it will be listed on the cover. Maybe someone can shed more light on this as the day goes on

This never-ending debate is discussed here probably once a week or so. While I am comfortable in my understanding and how I report this situation I did come across this GE panel awhile back that made me question my understanding.




[FONT=Arial]NEC 408.41 takes that away[/FONT].

Are you in Canada? Did he have a code reference for this one. I’ve never heard of this.

BTW, an electrical engineer is no more qualified with regard to electrical than anyone else.

And what does it state in 408.41?