Neutrals in a Fuse Panel

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Still trying to get more comfortable with the panel inspections but I came across this and just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and just looking for feedback.
2 Photos attached of a 100 amp Fuse panel. Home is built in early 80’s.
Other than the 2 blue bushings sitting on the bottom and the missing handle to one of the cartridge fuses, the main thing I notice is the double (and triple) taps on the Neutral bars.
Did I miss anything else?

Thanks for your help.

Its called multi lugging …On a breaker it would be a tap.

You will get multiple answers, most of which will say that is not allowed. Having said that, I saw multi lugging in almost every panel I ever inspected over 10 years and more than 3K inspections. I have questioned several Master Electricians and they all said: no more than three / lug and all of the same gauge was allowed. I am in Ontario and the electricians were licensed in Ontario. Things may be different in your location.
Hope this helps


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Thanks Roy

Thanks Doug. I’m in Ontario as well so I appreciate the info. I’ll go with that but will note it anyways.

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It is only a tap if it is a smaller AWG than the breaker.

IE you tap a 20 AMP breaker with a 14 awg copper wire.


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Different in the USA. No more than One grounded (neutral) conductor per lug.
No more than 3 grounding conductors.

The lug is not rated for more than two conductors.

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