Updates to Forum Rules

Hello everyone. We just updated the InterNACHI forum rules. I’ve highlighted the most recent change in red. Please take the time to read these rules if you are not already familiar with them.

Hi Chris,

Good, now all we need to do is start enforcing them!!



Hey Chris;

Did you get my email?


Good post Gerry. I am not one to get involved in issues that I or we have little control over.

I enjoy the forum as do most but some of the vulgar nasty posts are just not needed and some enforcement would be nice.

Ya, I agree also with Gerry, enforce them. Plain to see in black, white and red.


Nice Chris. :smiley:

What constitutes taunting? Who decides?

I think Brian and I have “taunted” each other.

Should we be worried? :wink:

Taunting is not strictly defined. The particular paragraph that refers to taunting is in response to the fact that some members were using an area where only members can post (but all the world can see) to taunt non-members who had no way to respond. The summary section is more a “best practice” list. It’s basically a way to say, “play nice and you don’t have anything to worry about.” Most people know whether or not they’re playing nice.

Forum rule violations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Hopefully we won’t have to enforce them too much, as 99% of our members and non-member users are respectful to one another. They’re more there as a reminder to the other 1% that we will take action if necessary.

Thanks for your hard work Chris and the clarification. :slight_smile:

Good luck with that Gerry.:frowning:

Just email the SPECIFIC post to fastreply@nachi.org for deletion.

Nick IMHO that is a good move in the right direction, I hope it works.



Taunting at it’s finest!

We also hired a temp staffer to go through the entire message board looking for porn, death threats, foul language, etc and delete it all. She has been working on this project for several weeks and the message board is lookin’ pretty cleaned up.


What is the point of this portion of the message board rules?

It’s obviously not enforced.

Is there a plan in action for all users (members and non-members alike) to register in order to enforce this?

I think many would agree that would be a good thing.

BTW: I just noticed a new user that is being welcomed to the forum today.

??? Hmmmm.


You make a Good Point!

Many of us are DISGUSTED that non members and especially EXPELLED members are having a field day on our message board!:twisted:

There are many “Professional” Home inspector associations and NACHI is the only one with a WEAK & INEFFECTIVE “IT Department” that does not have the KNOWLEDGE or the guts to stop the DAILY and continual HACKING by Raymond Wand and others of his ilk!

Try to “hack” the ASHI message board and see what happens!

How does one “hack” an open message board? Kind of like picking a lock on an open door, no?

You do understand that much of this message board is open to non-members, right?

I think what Frank is referring to is the warm welcome that is afforded the banned ex-members who post here with the intent to harm us.

Can you point to the “warm welcome” ? I’m still lost.