Changes to the InterNACHI message board

Hey folks,

Let me start by saying that I probably won’t have time to read all the responses to this thread; as usual, if you need to get in touch with me, e-mail is better than the message board.

I also want to say that we are fully aware of both the pros and cons of these changes. We have prided ourselves in having an open and unmoderated forum, and it’s hard to take part of that away. But at the same time, we all knew this would have to happen some time. There’s no way an organization with many thousands of members can be supported by the same infrastructure and rules that an organization with hundreds of members can. We’ve been bursting at the seams for years, and it’s finally time to accept that we’re not a size 28 anymore :slight_smile:

In the last 6 months, we’ve seen non-members (often members from one particular competing association) enter our forum, and not only attempt to defame our organization, but also drive our members away from using the message board. InterNACHI is open to criticism; we have welcomed it in the past and continue to welcome it now. But our responsibility is first to our members. If this were merely an issue of one of the staff’s feelings getting hurt, we would never consider such a drastic change. But when we hear time and again, from members (including many of our less vocal ones), that they no longer participate on the message board because of non-member personal attacks, we have to do something.

So, here’s what’s going to happen:

Later today the forum will go into maintenance mode (you won’t be able to browse or post). During maintenance I will make a few changes:

  1. We will disable all posting permissions for non-members (see below for details)
  2. We will update the forum software to the latest version
  3. We will disable both the reputation and infraction systems

Once the updated forums goes live, all non-member registrations and non-member posts will go into a moderation queue. A group of members will be in charge of moderating that queue. Our original hope was to let ALL members moderate, but there are technical limitations that make that impossible right now (although I will continue to look into it). That said, any member who wishes to become a moderator will be allowed to do so as long as they’re willing to follow a few simple rules.

We haven’t worked out the exact moderation criteria yet, but the basic gist is that all technical posts will be approved as quickly as possible. This means that non-members with solid contributions will continue to have (limited) access to our message board. Bottom line is: If you have a question or comment about an inspection-related topic, chances are it will be approved. If you are harassing our members, chances are it won’t.

Our hope is that we can continue to support those non-members who wish to contribute to our community while making our forum a better place for our members to have meaningful discussions about the home inspection industry and other topics that are important to them.


Also, just to clarify: members will not be moderated in any way.

Untrue, many posts that I and other members have made have been deleted as entire threads have been deleted.

The members have already been censored.

John, Chris used the word “will” as in future tense. This change to the message board did not take place yet. He’s announcing that it will later today.


Sadly, whole threads where non-members went overboard were deleted, leaving member posts deleted as well. When non-members are moderated on a post-by-post basis this will never have to happen again.


Let’s hear some opinions on the definition of “overboard”.

I would definitely love to get member input on what our moderators should and should not approve. I personally think that anything short of a personal attack should be tolerated, but I think it’s more important to set a standard that our membership agrees on.

Sounds good to me. Non-members who show manners will not be affected.

It is about time NACHI did something about the 3 or 4 non-members that come here on a regular basis to attack and hurt our business reputations.
While entertaining at times ,it only serves to drag us into the mud.

Who are the moderators?

Outstanding!! I’ve been a vocal opponent of the sophomoric Reputation System from day one…Thanks, good move. I don’t know what the ‘infraction’ system was but good riddance also.

Dylan Buckanavich was a member who stood up to you. So was Will Handley.

Result…they lost their membership, then the thread was deleted.
Is that part of the plan that members can expect?

John, they did not lose their memberships for “standing up to me.” You can call me anything you want, just don’t call me late for a hot meal. :wink: Anyone who’s been here long enough knows I like a good arguement.

One member quit just prior to his renewal being due. One lost his membership when he publicly accused several of our staffers of comitting a criminal act that involved knowingly selling inferior products to members for a profit (staff doesn’t sell products).

Yes the 3 or 4, amazing what a few bad apples can really do.

Now their crap will go into a “moderation queue” to never be seen again.

An the angles will no longer morn at our place we call INACHI:)

INACHI, changing the world, 1 post at a time:cool:

As long as members will treat others as they would like to be treated, moderation will not be needed. If everyone will be the professionals they think they are, no moderation will be needed. If members will consider their brothers first, moderation will not be needed. If you have something to offer, please do, if you don’t, please don’t. No association should bash another association, it does absolutely no good to anyone, we may be different, but we are really all the same. We are all inspectors, who just want to make a good living and feed our families. Competition makes us stronger, it should be just like it is in the Armed Forces, at the end of the day, they all fight for each other. This is our chance to prove we can be the best association, let us lead by example!

More than 99.9% of all inspection-related traffic goes through InterNACHI controlled sites, so as the undisputed leader of the industry, we had a duty to clean up a tad.


Entire threads have been deleted that neither contained porn or slander. One of those exposed the truth about how your INACHI representative has approached vendors for payola. I myself have spoken to two other vendors that had the same thing happen to them. One of them, a big player.

You could choose to make it more difficult for people to register on this message board under an alias, which has been the bulk of the comlaints that members have with this board. Yet you choose to throw the baby out with the bathwater, suggesting that you have something to hide.

Nick, not trying to start trouble but, I don’t recall where that happened, can you enlighten us so we can decide for ourselves Also, was the member in question given ample notice and allowed to retract his post. Last but not least, was the matter put before the ESOP commitee, or just acted upon by staff? If so, then of what use is the Esop commitee?

I agree.
That has been advocated my many for a long time but it always falls on deaf ears.

John, I thought you were the original vendor who exposed the INACHI representative who approached vendors for a payoff. Was it not you?