US Directory/SEO options

Do any of y’all out there use/pay to be listed on US Directory? I bought a google domain and got a blind call from the US Directory folks, they had all my info and acted as though I had signed up for it. I had no idea who US Directory even is, and it made me a little uncomfortable when they asked for my credit card. They basically want about $150/month or $1800/year. Has anyone used these guys? Did you find it valuable? What other SEO options do you use?


Not familiar with them but I’d be careful if it’s a pay per click setup. Pay per click companies literally pay people to click on different websites. I personally don’t have a website for my home inspection business because my market is 95% realtor/past clients referrals. My other business I do have a company website and I hired a local guy (friend of a friend) who charges me minimum fees to update wording in my website to draw new customers. Find a local person (IT geek to do it for you JMHO

Great, Thanks!

Glad I told them no. They really didn’t want to take no for an answer.