US Inspect?

Recently I was contacted by US Inspect. Does anyone have any experience with this company? Thanks in advance.

I work for them from time to time it was a good filler starting out as a new inspector. Inspection fee is low and I continue only out of loyalty… I do however choose close assignments and no longer take the assignments that are over 30 min out.

I do work for them also. It is decent filler work.

Watch the non-compete clause if it’s still in the contract. They approached me several times, but I turned them down due to an onerous NC.


I was approached by them once and found it to be a very beneficial job for me and I hope them as well.

Did not take long to do and paid well.

Only issue would be for those who are not used to working with big corps where it takes a while to get paid and you have to do all the pain in the a-s stuff the lawyers and insurance guys need.

I would work for them again in a similar situation.

Do u have to pretend that you are one of their inspector and what kind of % u received?