used water heater?

inspection on a home today, foreclosure that has been cleaned up. built in 2007, Yet unless I am missing something the water heater age is 2001. anyone disagree? also noted new braided shark grip supply lines on the unit.

april 2001

I just inspected a new home
built in January 2007

All appliances new, … never used,


this house also has a Fedders condensing unit, I cant find a date for a Fedders that is post 1977. the air handler is 06 and a carrier

your date of construction may be in error…
New in this market… carries many meanings…

Did you write up the illegal piping of the TPR valve and that it seems to have been leaking from the top element or thermostat?

The T&P is fine, you are probably looking at the electrical whip that rises above the valve, and the rust is all over the unit and not relegated to below the upper element door. but nice observation.
it turns out it was a used unit. as well as the AC unit.

Sorry *** cheap investors!:twisted: