Does anyone have experience with the Spectoscope, which allows you to take roof photos while standing on the ground? The images are transferred from the camera atop a tesescoping pole to a telephone. I wondered if there is a way to swivel the camera from the ground and how clear are the photos?

try here … Roy

You swivel the camera by turning the pole. Images are higher res than you need for a home inspection report.

I suppose you also could rotate your whole body if needed. :wink:

Thanks for the info, Roy. I’d prefer to walk on the roof, whether its up a ladder or out a window, but some of the roofs I encounter are very high shed roofs that are not visible from the ground, and my ladder does not reach. This seems like a good way to please clients and keep myself safe. The only problem is that I’lll have to buy a new phone, as well.

LOL. Or stand on this:


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The Panasonic DMC-SZ5 camera that comes with the spectoscope is a wireless point and shoot camera, 14 megapixels. You can find out all the info you need about the camera here: http://panasonic.net/avc/lumix/compact/sz5/index.html.

The camera is hard mounted to a swivel camera mount at the top of the pole. You can set the angle of the camera on the swivel, and rotate the pole or your body to look left and right when the camera is up in the air. You will be able to see everything the camera sees, take pictures and control the zoom from your tablet or smartphone mounted down at the base of the pole.

Any other questions, please feel free to email me anytime.

Thank you, gentlemen. If I buy one I’ll let you know how it works. I don’t think I’ll rotate my body. I’ll probably end up dizzy or need a trip to the chiropractor.

Use the government approach, do the opposite of what’s easiest and rotate the house. :slight_smile:

You’ll need a few assistants.

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I made my own and it works awesome found a telescoping pole from roof rake A samsung wifi camera It has an app you can control it with your smart phone. With the camera it cost lees than 250.00 to make

That’s exactly how I made my first one too. You should email sales@inspectoroutlet.com and ask them to just buy their pole (stripped), then move your stuff from your roof rake to their pole and you’d have a pretty good rig that is non-conductive.

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Ya don’t inspect this type of roof with a camera on a stick:p ya must use your wings

Nice shots Charley. Those pics taken with a quad?


No quad for him. Charley is a shoe rubber to the roof kind of guy

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Hey guys,
I realize this discussion is quite old and this whole issue is likely all resolved with drones these days, however, this solution (camera on a stick) still sounds pretty safe and efficient, assuming you can get a long enough pole.
Anyone still employ a similar solution?
Thanks, Jason