VA Inspections

Do you need to have a special certification to do inspections for VA loans?

You may be asking about VA apprasials. Yes you do.

I perform home inspections for clients with VA loans quite a bit. Their bank is usually requesting the NPMA-33 form stating the status of WBI at their prospective home.

VA picky picky, I would have to be very very slow even to consider taking on VA inspections.

VA inspections are performed just like a typical inspection except that they need the special form that I described. It takes me a whole three minutes to fill out this form.

Im interested in learning more about that- Where can i find info?

Interesting. Since I am so close to both Fort Lewis and McCord AFB, I get a lot of VA inspections… about 40% I would say. No problems and have never filled out a NPMA-33. It does not meet our State standards for our pest reports. On the 2 occasions I have been asked for one, a simple call to the underwriter took care of the problem.