VA loan inspection?

Do you need a certification/special requirements to inspect a home for a client getting a VA loan?

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you must have your state requirement, the VA will also require the form “NPMA 33” wood destroying organism report. According to VA policy, the buyer isn’t supposed to pay for the WDO inspection.

I am in a licensed state so I am certified/licensed. I am not familiar with the WDO report. Do you charge more for the inspection to cover the extra time and paperwork? Where can I find this report?,d.dmg&cad=rja

try this

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Also, if the residence is a manufactured home and the buyer getting a HUD FHA /VA loan a professional engineers certification of the foundation is required.

There are No special requirements required to perform a Home Inspection for someone obtaining a VA loan. Termite/pest and VA appraisal are separate from the “home inspection”.

VA and FHA no longer automatically require a pest report. The rules were changed years ago. The only time a pest report is required by the VA for a loan is when the Appraiser calls for one. With a Navy base, Sub base, Army Base and Air Force base within 40 miles, I perform 100-125 VA inspections per year, only had 2 requests for a pest report in the last 3 years.

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Must be our local guys, because every VA and FHA I’ve done has required one, I assumed they just were a requirement, thanks for the heads up.

me too. Every VA loan AND the seller always has to pay for them.

My bad. There is an official “termite infestation probability map” that determines if they are automatically required. If your area is located in one of the “moderate to heavy” or “very heavy” zones, it is required on all VA loans. My state just just happens to be in a “slight to moderate” zone and the mandatory requirement does not exist and is only ordered by the appraiser. Here is the map.

This has been helpful. Thank you all for the info. I am in WI so that explains why I haven’t heard about this before.

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Ahh thanks Steve. RI is in moderate to heavy area so that makes sense.

I have done a WDO for a VA refinance and the lender had to pay. Anyone but the buyer I guess. I just think that it is odd the buyer is supposed to use information furnished by someone with an opposing financial interest in the findings (the house seller). I asked a VA guy who called me one time to verify I did the inspection and that they buyer did not pay me. He had no answer on it.