Termite Inspections for VA loans

Does anyone know what certification you need to do termite inspections in the states that require them for VA loans? I cannot find it anywhere and google keeps going to Terminex and Orkin and such.

I’m not sure I want to add them as a service, but I would like to at east find out about them.

I don’t think states have anything to do with VA loans, just the bank.

The banks around here want to see the paid invoice for the WDI inspection only.

In Ohio one must be licensed by the state to inspect for and report on the absence, presence or damage caused by WDIs.

You need to check with your state to see if they require licensing.

Kevin is right, you need to check with your state and what they require. Most banks will require an NPMA-33 form for VA/FHA/HUD/USAA loans. Check with your state regs to see who can fill out that form. In NY you need to be Commercial Pesticide Technician or Applicator to fill it out. Any home inspector can do a WDI inspection, but only a Technician or Applicator can sign the form.