VA loans and WDO report

Visible damage was found but no live or structural damage was found. VA is requiring a clean report. How can a clean report be produced when there is clearly visible damage?
Thank you in advance.

Are you using the NPMA - 33 form?

No he used Florida’s FDACS 13645

Contractor came out and noted no structural damage. Form clearly states visible damage. WDO inspector won’t change it because there is visible damage even though it’s been treated/past damage/no ongoing activity no other visible damage, etc. VA is adamant about producing a clean report. I.E. No visible damage

VA does that a lot to us up here in NY. They held up one loan because there was some mold carpenter ant damage on a 2x4 in a basement. Silliest thing ever. The seller ended up taking the 2x4 out and we updated the report. I have danced with them many times on this issue. What I have found to be the most effective is to get permission from my client to talk to the person making the issue out of it and talk to them personally and explain what’s going on.

Amazing…seller agreed to repair the visible damage. Which was just surface damage anyway. Sheesh.

The damage has to be repaired. This is happening with fha deals. The appraiser comes out and notes the damaged wood. No loan until it is repaired.

Seller just removed the frame from the crawlspace hatch. Amazing the things that will hold up a real estate transaction.