FHA Loan Inspection

In Florida, does anyone know if a client is getting a FHA loan if there are certain qualifications an inspector has to meet? Like FHA certified or something like that?

Not unless it is a 203K loan. FHA does not have any requirements for other loan programs.

In Massachusetts, all FHA mortgagees quite simply need Form NPMA-33 for their mortgage company. I did three of these this week alone.

Thanks guys. In Florida, don’t inspectors have to be licensed/certified specifically for WDO inspections?

This subject has been discussed in other threads throughout this message board. NPMA 33 is a wood destroying insect form. Most FHA lenders will accept any home inspection report; check with the lender.

Not true.

Most will not accept a typical home inspection WDI report. All my FHA clients state that their lender requires a NPMA 33 form, which I will provide on-site. Maybe its a geographic thing…

Are we talking about wood destroying insect reports, or home inspection reports?

FHA requires a WBI report (NPMA 33) for all their loans in my area. Most lenders could care less about the HI report alone.

Same here in Kansas. The “WDI” report has to be NPMA-33 for FHA loans. I use it for all of my WDI inspections anyway. Lenders here in KC also do not care who does the home inspection. Maybe they should.


Just to clarify…

You stated…

They will not accept any HI report.

They will accept anyone’s NPMA-33 report.

I tried to find the post, as I know I saw it before, but no dice.

What I’m trying to determine is if:

  1. Any standard HI report will do provided is is not a 203K loan, and

  2. If I need a special license/certification in FL to do WDO/WDI inspections

I have performed over 1,200 FHA inspections, and not one complaint from any FHA lender on my home inspection reports. They only require the NPMA-33 for wood destroying insect inspections. At least, here in KC. The home inspection report is seperate from the termite/WDI report.

Sorry for stepping on this post but how do you become a 203K inspector.

Have a lender ask FHA that you be the lenders 203 inspector, then fill out the app they send you. You will then get a FEE#

NPMA-33 must be a regional thing. Over 1,800 inspections and never filled one out. It does not meet the State standards for a WDO inspection report in Washington.

Same in Illinois, at least in my service area. I’ve also performed several inspections for people getting FHA and VA loans, never asked to fill out a NPMA-33. But we do have separate termite (pest control) inspections by someone licensed in structural pest control.

Same here in MD

Thanks for the info Darren

Here in Idaho, and, supposedly, across the nation, NPMA-33 needs to be filled out for USDA Rural Development loans.
Never was asked to fill them out before, but RR folks say that the guys upstairs (across the nation) are specifying it be filled out.