Vegas,Nick,and the Devil

My Interaction and impression of Nick Gromicko

My trip in **Vegas **was great and not only did I learn alot about our chosen profession but also had a great time.
Nick Gromicko gave a presentation on Inspection Success
Here is a short excerpt of what stuck with me.

Unlike many professions we often only have a very short time to interact with clients.
They may be surfing the net and if you do not grab them immediatly on first glance they will not call.
People sign the purchase agreement and have a very short time to hire a Home Inspector.
If you do not answer the phone or text message right away once they decide you are worthy then off to the next guy they go.

Nick also noted that it is just silly to not take calls during an inspection.
If you are inspecting and not taking calls people will simply dial the next guy and thinking you are going to offend anyone on site is just as silly
since after all you already sold the guy in front of you and the way to handle this is by letting your client know you may need to take a call from time to time.
Any reasonable person should understand this.

Nick during our private conversations which I found enjoyable also mentioned the Devil.
**The Devil **operates based on fears and preys on them meaning he keeps us from doing things that would help inhance our careers and our lives.
One must operate with absolutely zero fear and go for what is wanted.

Obviously with his own personal success in life one should take his words of wisdom seriously.

Best part of meeting Nick was his lovely staff.:slight_smile:
Lisa,Paige,and Dayna are very nice and I was happy to meet them.
Lisa though not pictured here has helped me many times by phone.

(more from Vegas coming)



Many thanks to Paige for taking off her heels for that PIC. :smiley:

I was crouching so as to not embarrass anyone.
Actually I am the shorty in the family at 5’ 10" as my Brother is 6’ 4" and my Grandfather was 6’ 8".
Paige is a tall one and should be a model not that Dayna has any inferiority complex.

Great stuff Bob, wish I could have been there…:roll:


Still in recovery mode James.

I’m still counting my money from the Blackjack tables…