Vendor board idea


For those of you who want to maintain (or regain) the purity of this BB while still wanting immediate access to a plurity of valuable vendors in one place, I have decided to greenlight a new project called

Think “NACHI MALL” on triple steroids. The new BB will function much like this BB but with some new features like embedded audio/video capabilities for posters, VoIP/online voice-chat, product libraries (catalog sheets, PDF brochures, etc.), and some other things that will knock your socks off. I’m sure we’ll tie NACHI MALL into it somehow, too.

The board will consist of vendors who serve the home inspection, appraisal, construction, and outdoors industries. It will include vendors who sell everything from waterproof notepads to rugged laptops to rover-cams to all of your basic equipment, gear and clothing. If you are a home inspector who also has a product or service to sell, then you, too, can join

Note: is not an eStore, nor will we provide vendors with any merchant tools. Most vendors already have a way to process your payments. The service will be designed purely around allowing you and vendors who serve you to communicate more effectively online, and possibly in real-time, over the 'net about their products, OR you can just browse the site and read the experiences and opinions of other people who have used the products and services in which you may have an interest.

Lastly, I think a vendor board will also help to cut down on email spam. That alone is a good thing.

If you have any suggestions as to what you, as a professional consumer, would like to see on a site like, please let me know as this is a site/service designed for you. Or, if you just want to leave your opinion, please do so.



Looks like a good idea, Robert.

I think its time has come.

Ok, I’m really not trying to be mean but someone has to say it. This will not cure any of the problems with vendors on this board. Even if we had a real vendors section on this board, the vendors would still try to sell something everywhere. It’s what salesman do. There is nothing to stop them here.

:roll: :shock: :|.) :—) (8\) :wha?: :ack!: :nah: (8’) :? :raised: :humph:

Hey…I asked for your opinion and comments, right?

Nor is it meant to be a “cure”.

I wouldn’t have one on this board because it would dilute the purpose of this board. That’s why I suggested an alternate site at

Vendors will do what it is they do until they have an option that works. If they see that a vendor board (not on this site) is being used by prospective buyers, then they’ll go there and use it, too. Of course vendor will try to reach you in other ways. It’s not “salemanship”…it’s marketing and advertising. I don’t want to control that, nor should I.

And if a vendor ends up on this board, someone can politely tell them to go to, register and you’ll see them there. I think everyone can resepect that.


ummmmm…Robert, can I introduce you to It’s a new place for vendors to sell their wares…

Sorry. I couldn’t help it :slight_smile:

LMAO! :stuck_out_tongue:

***I have decided to greenlight a new project called

Think “NACHI MALL” on triple steroids. The new BB will function much like this BB but with some new features like embedded audio/video capabilities for posters, VoIP/online voice-chat, product libraries (catalog sheets, PDF brochures, etc.), and some other things that will knock your socks off. I’m sure we’ll tie NACHI MALL into it somehow, too.


With all due respect, every post you make on this message board appears to be hawking one thing or another. You are a member of NACHI and that’s fine, but I wonder what it is, exactly, aside from services, that you offer the HI community?

You list your location as “United States”. Do you operate out of the US or a particular city and state?

While many of us are vendors (myself included), we dont make every post about us or our services. They do not, eventually, tie back to our “offerings”.

Is that how you view this message board? Is it merely a vehicle for you to try and gain clients?

Now you want to start a vendor board, separate from the NACHI board. What a better way to market the idea, then right here…

Too big a nusance I just do not even open his posts any more .
Thanks for saying what I have been thinking .

Roy Cooke

Add the educational information to that, then it dilutes your claim. Nonetheless, I see your point.

Trying not to complicate things. Offering services is just fine for me.

404 area code. Mailing address in on our sites, too. I list United States because my company’s services aren’t relegated to one city, so why post one city?

And you probably shouldn’t…otherwise, this would be like the vendor board concept I proposed. What exactly should people post here? If there are specific rules to follow, I promise that I will follow them.

Somebody encouraged me to pose ideas to this board from a “marketing” point of view. I didn’t just show up one day deciding to piss people off with my presence. If I didn’t see AND RESPECT that the NACHI BB isn’t a vendor board, then I wouldn’t have had the conscience to create a place where “people like me” wouldn’t offend “people like you” by being here. I can’t “talk shop” with you, so I talk what I know, and I seek ideas from inspectors because - for all intents and purposes - my job is to help inspectors [who want it] to become a little more successful.

Still, I’m not sure how different it is for an inspector to recommend a product that other inspectors may or may not buy versus me, the guy selling the product, making a recommendation. In the end, the only difference is who initiated the sale IMHO.

Your irritation with my posts justify the idea. And since the vendor board is designed to offer inspectors a greater level of convenience by eliminating irritating people like me who have bastardized the “spirit” of this board, I think you’ll appreciate seeing me posting MY offerings in a more appropriate setting while showing up in the NACHI BB just to provide free training and advice.

By the way, your statements and concerns are legitimate. That’s why the vendor board idea came to fruition.


See how simple it is to ignore me? By the way, welcome to my post.

Don’t be shy, Roy. Just start another thread to tell eveyone how you feel about my being a nusance and let this thread stay on topic. Thanks.


Let me just add that my posts are always confined to two appropriate areas:

Marketing and Miscellaneous. I am a home inspection marketing guy working in a home inspection marketing company. Seems more appropriate for me to post in the Marketing forum than home inspectors with no formal marketing training or experience (don’t take that too seriously). And Miscellaneous, by definition, should allow anyone to chat about anything there…no matter how much of a nusance their posts may be. I stay out of certain forums out of respect for the inspector members, and I might post a non-marketing blurb just to join in a random conversation…like the Ann Coulter thread, for instance.


You have only been listed as a member since Feb/07 and you already have more posts ( about your business ) then members that have been here for years. Its hard to ignore your posts when there all over.

Sorry about that. Please show me where my posts are “all over” the NACHI bulletin board, and I’ll stop it right away.

And since Feb 07, I’ve probably contributed more ideas and helped more inspectors than you have. Isn’t that one of the purposes of this board? Of course, I won’t get in a pissing contest with you about that.

As for how long I’ve been here and how many posts I have about whatever topic I choose to post, I’ll be more than happy to comply with an establised set of rules. Unfortunately for me, the guy that owns this BB wanted me posting my ideas and product information here. I already told him that some people (like you) didn’t like it. He is more than happy to hear your complaint personally. In fact, I suggest that anyone who has a gripe about my participation on the BB posts a thread to vote about banning me if it is such a nusance. Make sure Nick gets his 2-cents in there, too.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve done anything so bad here that it would justify any more attacks on me. I’m growing tired of being attacked by people who are “irritated” but have never been personally harmed, defamed or insulted by me.


Personally, I’ll be amazed if members who use this BB can just stay on topic without always resorting to some type of insult or attack. If you don’t like a topic, don’t participate in the thread. It’s that simple. Until someone breaks the rules, don’t police what doesn’t exist.


Another inspection industry message board tried this last year and it flopped. The reason is that inspectors aren’t interested in meeting vendors… they are only interested in getting great deals from vendors that are not offered anywhere else, hence the rent policy at the bottom of and the overwhelming popularity of the Mall.

OK How About This One Adobe Acrobat 8]( Its not in marketing or mis discusion. Also I do not run around behind someones back to complane. If I have a problem i say it to there face or in this case to there post since i cant see your face.

I know it is mean, but if a vendor offers any better deal anywhere else other than , we remove every reference to that vendor from all NACHI sites for eternity.

Yes, it is nasty to make vendors choose NACHI or else… but it assures us that NACHI members get the best deals on everything.

We’ve only caught 2 vendors violating our rent policy, 1 has corrected his ways… the other, having the competitive disadvantage of having his competitor agressively marketed for free by NACHI… has since gone out of business.

NACHI members represent about 85% of all industry spending and NACHI represents about the same percentage of all industry exposure (both increasing)… thus we don’t really need a fence to keep them all from running off the farm.

I have not Attacked or Insulted you. I stated a fact and made a suggestion. Like i said if i have a problem i go directly to that person.

Robert…I like you and you have some pretty good marketing ideas…but I have to tell you something. You have the sensitivity and insecurities of a 13 year old girl showing up for her first day of junior high wearing braces.

Lighten up and stop whining every G-D time somebody posts something negative about you, your posts, or your offerings. Stick to your topic and ignore the criticisms without merit and acknowledge those with merit, and press on. You will not last a minute in this pool of alligators, otherwise.