Nachi Vendors

Is there a list of verified ,respectable vendors that NACHI recommends?
Or is this board a free for all to any one who post there wares here?

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I would personally avoid the one in post #2

Contact me for more info.

There are those who do not like this vendors personality. I have sat down with Nathan in person and gotten to know him over dinner and phone conversations and understand the passion and enthusiasm he has for business. He has done a lot for many inspectors regarding business building, marketing, and sales when it had nothing to do with his products and services.

I spent my first couple of years here at InterNACHI listening to the advice of many of the message board cowboys and nothing happened. When I started to listen to businessmen like Nathan and successful inspectors my business changed completely.

When I’m unsure about a business idea or just brainstorming, I can send a text or email to Nathan for his advice. It does not have to have anything to with his services and I will get the opinion from a successful businessman who really does like to help others.

I am confidant in the support I have from people like Nathan that I have developed relationships with as I continue to grow. I recently hired my first employee and I know I have a great resource for any questions I may have.

If you are looking to build your business you could listen to a bunch of message board cowboys or find people like Nathan that WILL help you take it to the next level.

I’m proud to call Nathan a friend and business advisor.



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Was I unclear? I’m sorry.

I meant for more info about you.

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If you say so but then again you are quite the liar, no?

Thank you Troy

I have met and talked with Nathan on several occasions and have the utmost respect for him and his professional opinion. I have also met and talked to Nick and have the same respect for him and his profession . The reason for this op is to determine who is recommended by NACHI , to offer there products here on this board. Some vendors come here to have there way or to just sell products and have no respect for the person they are selling to or even respect for the host of this forum who allowed them in in the first place. A list of reputable vendors would be nice to have for all members to have access to.

Call me skeptical but when a NACHI vendor offers to give you the skinny on, well, other NACHI vendors, my radar goes up.

He’s a fuc kin piece of work isn’t he?

We are the official vendor for all of InterNACHI’s products and training materials, and for everything else inspection related. Feel free to browse our website at or email me at


Correct. Inspector Outlet is the only in-house vendor that we can vouch for, because it is physically integrated with InterNACHI.

The rest we leave to this unmoderated message board and our members to sort out. There is no way our staffers have the skill sets needed (most of them have never been on an inspection) to figure out which products and services that are worth buying, and which ones are waste of money. There is nothing better than hearing from your fellow members, many of whom are actual clients who use or have used those products and services. The system really works well.

Thank you Nikolai

Then AC TOOL needs to be removed from the board approved good list.
They LIE …

Where is that list?.. I’ll delete them now.

But I thought vendors had free reign so they could be vetted on this message board? Why would you delete a vendor based on a single person’s statement when you wouldn’t delete one based on the multiple ethics violations?

Wish to clarify?

You “vouch” for your vendors? I thought that, as long as they gave NACHI members a better deal, they were in. When did the “vouching” start and how did some of these guys … (you know who I mean) … make it through any type of screening process?

Dom, top of the list. :slight_smile: