Vent boot

Anyone have any idea what would cause this? The boot is crumbling.

I’m thinking lightening strike

I’m thinking rodents/squirrels…

I’m thinking lightning would have had a more severe effect. And being a pvc pipe I wouldn’t expect it to attract lightning.

Check my link to the video

Open ground?

Hit refresh first

LOL! :slight_smile:

I wondered…about the elec video. :stuck_out_tongue:

The material behind what I assume is lead is weird though. But, I still think it’s squirrels or such.

Got it!


Thanks to Barry!

Looks like the newer pvc pipe has been rammed up the old opening causing the damage…

Barry’s a good man. He helps many in the background beside online here. :slight_smile:

I am with Derek. See it every now and then. Contractors fix stuff to last about 3 months so they can call you back to fix it again. Write it up, move on.

SIPS panel outgassing causes lead bloom.
I read that somewhere a while back.

Me thinks Larry is correct I have seen that squirrel damage many times;-) I have also seen vents blocked closed with Pecans that squirrels were storing for the winter, the commode was having a hard time to keep from overflowing

Newer home, no sips and no repairs done.

The powder corrosion wasn’t caused by squirrels …
Is this a residential or commercial …
I’m thinking Saltwater!!

Residential, miles from the ocean.

Are you sure the boot is lead? If it is plastic it could be sun damage. And the question no one has asked yet, where is the flashing?

Is that asbestos under the corroded lead? Also, not much of a boot…