New chinese problem?

I did a house today - 6 years old - all 4 neoprene plumbing stack roof boots were trashed. The neoprene was ripped wide open. What’s going on here?



Have any pictures of the Trashed Booties?

Tim where are you from and do you have pictures. Are they neopream or rubber.

Neoprene roof stack boots are deteriorated and need to be evaluated by a roofing contractor with remedy as necessary. :wink:

How does this relate to the Chinese? Did they send all of the squirrels over here?


This is in Georgia. Steep roof, observed by binocs, no pics.
Assuming neoprene, could be rubber. Roofers are on the way.
Judging by the quanity of failures, I was starting to wonder about another fine Chinese product.

Squirrels - hmm - could be. Do they prefer rubber or neoprene?


This just in. My client spoke with the Pres of the HOA and he had the same problem.


6 years is kind of soon for most rubber boots to fail. I’m not familiar with neoprene but squirrels do love to nest in attics. Squirrels gets my vote.