Vent pipe exit in attic

Vent pipe exits in attic space (see attached photos). The photos represent the same pipe. As you will see, the open end of the pipe is at the ridge vent. Would you recommend an AAV be installed?

No it needs to go to the outside .

Judging from the size this appears to be the main waste vent which would need to be vented through the roof. Can you determine what it is connected to and where ?


Also, it looks like there’s some sort of bees next in the vicinity which the buyer would want to be made aware of.

Bees nest. I hate that auto correct…

That is an old mud wasp nest they are gone now .

Ok Roy, but they got in somewhere…

I see them frequently they can get in very small hole.
Looks like they might be able to get in via the ridge vent .
I would not be concerned .
In this case I might not even write it up.

I agree I wouldn’t be concerned either but someone with a fear of wasps might like my wife, she probably would go flying back down the attic hatch if she saw a wasp coming at her…

Gee I do not think I could get my Wife into the attic she would be afraid I would take the ladder away , And I would for a few minutes ,She knows me well ,after 59 years married .

Wife told you.jpg

Congrats, happy wife = happy life…

Must vent to the exterior. You always need one to the exterior and never vent into the attic. I am sure it smelled like roses up there. I actually see that all the time. Usually after a re-roof or and addition

This was a metal roof. Tnhey had others go through, but this one ended at the ridge vent. A
Also, on the wasp nest… there was a tear in a gable vent screen.

It needs to be redirected to a gable vent or above it. It must be protected from possible nesting and like any vent must be outside the attic.


You don’t vent a plumbing stack through the gable vent.

You can according to following the rules. The only reason to do this is if you anticipate the snow may be too high on your roof or you don’t want to flash the roof. I am not saying you should do this but with a metal roof it is a viable way of doing it without adding any flashing. You can’t do this with an asphalt roof I don’t think.

Could put an AAV on it if your jurisdiction allows that kind of thing.

No, not allowed. Through a gable wall, but not through a gable vent.

2012 IPC
**903.5 Location of vent terminal. **
An open vent terminal from a drainage system shall not be located directly beneath any door, openable window, or other air intake opening of the building or of an adjacent building, and any such vent terminal shall not be within 10 feet (3048 mm) horizontally of such an opening unless it is 3 feet (914 mm) or more above the top of such opening. ****

903.6 Extension through the wall. ****
Vent terminals extending through the wall shall terminate at a point not less than 10 feet (3048 mm) from a lot line and not less than 10 feet (3048 mm) above average ground level. Vent terminals shall not terminate under the overhang of a structure with soffit vents. Side wall vent terminals shall be protected to prevent birds or rodents from entering or blocking the vent opening.

Local codes will determine this, check with them.

Cameron that applies to air vents. A gable vent is not needed on a metal roof. It is added for the purpose of installing the horizontal portion of the vent. You can make a hole through the gable end if you like also.
Only rule you must follow is proper distances away from openings, property lines and any area that air can enter the home.