Don't miss the small things.

1924 house. Many changes over the years. But here’s some interesting finds.

Yep, easy to spot, not vented. But, wrong adhesive cement at the join at the P-Trap.

Often seen to connect two unlike materials, but a plumbing pipe clamp, with no rubber gasket to seal a cast iron leak… not likely.


Copper piping, but lead supply.

Pipe clamp, rubber gasket, silicone and ABS cement…interesting, but spot the small detail in the Cast iron pipe too.


That hole won’t help.

And the amateur plumbing award of the week goes to…

1 1/2 inch laundry tub waste, multiple cements for the S-Trap, un-vented into clay weeping tile, inserted and concreted into a Cast Iron basement clean out.

I love my job.

All are welcome to use as examples of how waste piping should NOT be done.

I agree. Too many people aren’t sufficiently thorough and miss a lot of stuff.

What about this thing? Something smells :roll:

While it’s not “to code”, (blah-blah we are not code compliance officers, etc. :grin:) the AAV would certainly stop the siphoning off of the S-Trap, and a P-Trap with AAV would have been “more correct”.

I believe the one in the photo is listed in NSF-24 as for mobile homes, am I correct?

I think they should have used something like one for built residential property and rated to comply with ASSE Standard 1050 and 1051. It’s around 12 bucks more expensive which is why we generally see the wrong ones installed. The Mobile Home Cheater vents are around $6.

Where’s that second waste going off to? (Bottom right) Not to a washing m/c I hope :smiley: (No trap visible at all on that one.)


You are correct that only certain brand are acceptable but they must be installed correctly. That one is not.

This reminds me of a long time ago I repaired a water leak under a jetted tub and discovered that the seller had the water back up and when they attemted to plnge the water, unbe knownst to them they popped the drain pipe off because it was never glued! Sometimes those ‘little’ things are really big deal!

Here are some plumber of the week pics…smh

Last one is fine.No air vent means water will not leave the trap as with most S traps…Genius.

Here’s a two for one from a recent inspection…