Vent termination

If a vent pipe from a laundry room terminates at about 75" above grade, how and why would you call this out?

Because it is written :slight_smile:

CPC 906.1 Each vent pipe or stack shall extend through its flashing and shall terminate vertically not less than six (6) inches (152 mm) above the roof nor less than one (1) foot (305 mm) from any vertical surface.

Jeff, this was one of those situations where putting a vent pipe through the roof would be impossible without major construction, code aside call it or not?

That looks like an exterior installation. Is it not?

If so, it shouldn’t be too difficult to extend it to the proper height.

If not, sewer gasses will be escaping into an interior room.

Unfortunately, CA does not recognize or approve the use of AAV’s, so that’s not an option.

Code aside, I would still call it out as an improper termination (which it is) and depending on its location, may even be a health hazard.

You are absolutely correct Jeff, Thanks for the code… Thats how I wil report it…