Unknown attic vent

This is from a 1910 3 family. In the attic which is now as it was when built
Thanks for any information.

Organ pipes :slight_smile:

Just kidding… did you find similar vent pipes anywhere in the house? What was below this area? I doubt this vent is from 1910s

Where did the pipes go, if you followed them?

Is there heat coming out of them? Do the furnaces and/or water heaters have confirmed flues. Might be draft from kitchen vent fans or baths. If…IF…they are combustion air sources in a vented attic, then they could be approved for use, but it is unlikely that they are approved for doing anything else.

Maybe combustion air?

Looks like they are drawing return air from the attic.

Thanks everybody. My ‘guru’ finally re-surfaced, and opined:

"Those are galvanized steel flue pipes that were either used for gas in gas stoves, gas space heaters or bathroom ventilation fans.

They would often go to larger pipes in the attic like a manifold and then vent thru the roof or into the side of a chimney."

Still not fully clear, you cannot see down where they exit but are adjacent to the bathrooms wall. So going with bath vent fans. The gas stoves and space heaters are well removed. Likely the chimney to vent heat and stove as they were either side of it. Anyway, bathrooms all vent outside now, so just a redundant novelty.

Interesting, thanks Alan. :smile: