Verbage for wood pellet stove venting

Looking for some verbage for this one. The flue pipe comes out the side of the home about 1 foot the turns up 3 feet and well thats it. Above the flue pipe is the upper level deck. I cant upload a picture for some reason so I hope my description helps …thanks a head of time

I have seen some that exit the side wall and don’t even turn up with a special termination on the end.

Consult manufactures installation diagrams.

Do not forget to resize your picture first.

When in doubt you should never forget our friends at…

What good is that if they don’t discuss pellet stoves?

They discuss all types ,but perhaps you have a better suggestion you are withholding.

The man is looking for help,not argument.

I’m not arguing Bob.

I already said to consult the manufacture diagrams and specs.

That is where you will find the venting requirements and clearances for any particular model.


I have seen direct vent pellet stoves that where properly installed.

Harman stoves

See Page 8-14 for venting of Harman stove

“The pellet stove was vented improperly. In addition to potential exposure of those using the deck to the toxic products of of combustion, the current method is also a burn hazard.
The inspector recommends that before the expiration of your Inspection Objection Deadline, you consult with a qualified HVAC contractor to gain an idea of options and costs for correction”.